Louisiana and Florida (Resident or Non-Resident) Concealed Weapons Permit Courses:

This is a lecture course covering the NRA Basic Pistol curriculum with up to one hour of range time.  These are state requirements in order for you to obtain your concealed weapons permit, so the course duration and material will generally be the same from any instructor in the state.  Your purchase price covers the classroom lecture and all materials, including your completion certificate and a copy of the very useful and well-composed "NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting," an excellent informational book by any measure.  You will be responsible for range lane fees and the cost of any ammunition you shoot (if you do not yet own a handgun, pistol rental fees will be covered by PHI, but you are still responsible for ammo costs and range fees.)

We teach the Louisiana CCW licensing course OR the Florida resident or non-resident licensing course. A Florida non-resident permit will allow you to carry in ~30 states, even if you are NOT a Florida resident.  See here for more information on this.

What makes PHI different is the quality of instruction, as well as the teaching philosophy. PHI aims to make you comfortable in learning what can be, for many, an anxiety-inducing discipline to pick up.  While this course is taught by an experienced shooter, the format is not competitive, militaristic, aggressive, or abrasive.  You will not be harshly corrected or the object of frustration, and you will be slowly acclimated to shooting a pistol - training is worthless if you don't assimilate the lesson or worse, if you have a stressful experience. And unlike many courses (including those your instructor has taken in the past), religion and politics are off-limits in PHI courses. PHI welcomes all who are willing to learn, and the course is tailored to the general experience level of the group.  Finally, under some circumstances, this course can be taught in your home or office - somewhere you are familiar with.  Again, the number two goal (number one being safety) for this course is to make you comfortable.  In fact, in most cases, you will even become enthusiastic about the shooting sports after you see your progress, and you realize that shooting a pistol really isn't that bad.

Required materials:
  • 50 rounds of ammunition: 
    • If you plan on bringing your own pistol, bring factory-manufactured ammunition in the proper caliber for your handgun.  
    • If you need to rent a pistol, either bring 50 rounds of 9mm, or you can buy a box from PHI for $15.00 per box of 50 rounds.
    • Leave all guns and ammunition in your vehicle. DO NOT bring either into the area where the lecture is taught, or you will be ejected.  Guns and ammo are only to be brought to the shooting range for the shooting portion of the class.
  • And as tacky as it sounds, bring a good (or at least open) attitude. This will be fun.
Optional materials:

Permit Renewal Courses:

Need your concealed weapons permit renewed?  PHI offers a renewal diagnostic class, with an additional hour of range instruction for $50. (Range fees, ammo, and other incidentals not included). This course is custom-fit course, tailored to your level of experienced and geared towards assessing and correcting any deficiencies in your shooting or permitting.

Shooter Improvement Course:

Would you like to improve your shooting skills?  The SIC is scheduled in hour blocks at $50 for the first hour and $15 for each subsequent half-hour. (Range fees, ammo, and other incidentals not included). The SIC is designed strictly to improve your skills as a shooter, and is a fast way to improve your marksmanship, or even to transition into tournament shooting.  Your skills will improve drastically after even one hour of SIC.

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