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PHI does not offer public group courses - all courses are private and can be taught individually or to a small group of a dozen people at a location of your choice.  It is our philosophy that open group courses, while economical, dilute or complicate the training experience.  A group of strangers will all vary in terms of skill or competence and also differ in the way each individual absorbs information.  While this may also be true for small, private groups, individuals in a group that are familiar with each other will be more inclined to openly communicate with the instructor.  This allows the instructor to address the needs of each individual in the group for a meaningful training experience.  PHI is not a connect-the-dots CCW certification mill.  We use our own curriculum and presentation (based on and including all of the NRA Basic Pistol curriculum) to teach competence and skill, not to merely teach the bare minimum and make sure you pass the state required (and extremely easy) evaluation.  You will leave not only with your CCW training certificate, but with confidence and skill. 

Please make reservations at "".

Concealed Weapons Permit Classes:

At this time, this course is reservation only.

We teach the Louisiana CCW licensing course OR the Florida resident or non-resident licensing course. A Florida non-resident permit will allow you to carry in ~30 states, even if you are NOT a Florida resident.  See here for more information on this.
  • Make your own schedule: the course can be broken up into several days of instruction if you require.
  • We come to you and can teach in your home or business if you are in the New Orleans area.
  • Personal attention and instruction.
If you have a private group of five (5) or more people, tuition is $90/person. ($75/person for Florida resident or non-resident permits)
If you have a private group of two to four (2-4) people, tuition is $150/person. ($120/person for Florida resident or non-resident permits)
Individual, one-on-one instruction is $200. ($150/person for Florida resident or non-resident permits)

Tuition includes all materials, textbooks, test materials, test target, and training certification.  Classes include the required lecture and instruction, on-range instruction and troubleshooting, written exam, and on-range exam.  See the "Courses" page for a list of the materials you are required to provide or purchase.
A non-refundable $25/person is due at the time of reservation, and the balance is due the day of the course. 


License renewals are one to two hours (approximately), but can be faster or slower depending on your skill level.  Cost is $50.  The course is geared towards your specific needs, and includes range instruction to do your qual test and any diagnostics (you cover expenses such as range fees and ammunition - For more information, please see the "Courses" page).  This is a great way to get some personal instruction and improve your skills while also completing your renewal.

Shooter Improvement Course ("SIC"):

Would you like to improve your shooting skills?  The SIC is scheduled in hour blocks at $50 for the first hour and $15 for each subsequent half-hour. The SIC is designed strictly to improve your skills as a shooter, and is a fast way to improve your marksmanship, or even to transition into tournament shooting.  Your skills will improve drastically after even one hour of SIC. Additional targets are included in this class at no additional charge.

All Courses Include the Following:
  • The required amount of lecture and range time;
  • Courses include all materials, textbooks, test materials, one B-27 test target, and training certification;
  • Gun rental is included, however, we strongly recommend that you use your own personal handgun for these classes - you should acquaint yourself with your personal firearm as often as possible.
  • Eye and ear protection,  although we very strongly recommend that you purchase eye and ear protection beforehand.  You can buy PHI-recommended eye and ear protection through our Amazon Associates store by clicking here.
Not Included in These Courses:
  • Ammunition;
  • Range fees;
  • Additional targets (your B-27 test target is provided at no charge).  Recommended targets are available from our kit shop.  (Targets are included if you sign up for the SIC.)